Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2016

Differences between love and matrimony~by Payal



Differences between love and matrimony

Looms larger a guide to happiness,
all those beings who trot along behind
the crowds entering love or matrimony.

Compounded self-fulfilling prophecies,
stood the test of time, catalytic stories,
bitter pills swallowed with honeyed hopes
of mental and emotional faculties.

Disjointed visions out of proportions
perspiring in startling white irises,
impulses subordinated to a persuasive
homemade testimony,
marriages are union between communities,
or inappropriate alliances between families,
outwearing one’s choices,
last with sacrifices and pretenses.

They have got nothing to do with love
which arouses even in unnerving adultery,
progress to deeper levels of understanding,
I wish all peerless brides make prior
discoveries, you shall not marry for love
as it is a recurring disease or a seasonal seed.

There are indeed no greater impressions
than a child’s witnessed sufferings,
who has no right to choose his
stimuli and responses,
but there lies freedom between the two,
shovelling out the ashes of those so fated.

Conditioning and conditions are for animals,
making us uniquely human beings.

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