Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2016

Do I need any special day ~by Ziauddin Bulbul



Do I need any special day

Do I need any special day
to say
I love you owe you for the pray
Or the day you conceived
The conception to achieve
Piercing yourself a dream
you were dreaming till the appointed moment
to deliver yourself in the disguise
of me almost experience a demise
but reborn again giving me life
enlighten your struggle of survive
You lived many life in a single moment
To your toddler the deity you’re any time present
A no parallel fairy of all time high
Keeping all limitations pain and sigh
An innocent smile on your face
You flamed shined with all grace
I don’t like to say I’m grateful to you
I just want to say I’m always beside you
I don’t need to write a prologue
About the blessings of you I’m in vogue
I don’t need to pay you any formal homage
To you expressing my gratitude or the bondage
With your umbilical cord I’ve have
But the breath I’m taking on your behalf to rehab
my own existence in fact was or is nothing
Unless you spray the essence of your blessings
With the sequence of time whatever
I turn matters a little to you my mother
I don’t need to say any specific day
I love you but I obviously need you to pray
For me my dear as the jewel of your heart
I want to be stick with it for whole of my life
None or nothing is equal to you dear
This fact need not to shout or utter
Whatever way you step to usher
The wrinkles on your face doesn’t matter
To me you’re always my sweetheart my mother

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