Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2016

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY~by Satya Pattnaik




I dedicate this poem to the all mothers of the humanity.

©Satya Pattnaik
I am an extension,
A beautiful song of life
In the sea of humanity
A promise of God’s creation
An eternal painting of blood and milk
A breath of living
An alphabet of every beginning

On the ashes of pains and sufferings
A beautiful signature
Of my mother’s golden smiles
At the cost of her tears, flesh and bones

A purest admixture of her love and light
A natal pearl of her womb’s house
A thread immortal of her breast line
There life refreshes everyday
With her soulful sacrifice

I have never seen GOD
But my mother for me is immortal GOD
Throughout my pain
She sews the broken sky for me
without rain paints the rainbow
Collect the falling stars
Calls the moon to play with me
All her muscles and bones
Heart and beats filled with love only for me
In her house of flesh I am the extension
Of humanity, a love eternal forever
She is for me, she is more than GOD for me.

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