Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2016

MOMMA~by Melody Germain-Spilman




You are my strength
You are my inspiration
You are my life
You are my heart
You gave me life
You give me joy
You are talented
You are caring
You help the needy when you yourself are in need
You put your children first
You pick us up when we have fallen
You’ve lived & live your life the way God intended
You’ve been beat up but not beat down
You’ve overcome obstacles by leaps & bounds
You are a leader & never a follower
You speak your mind without fear of reprisal
Your past has made you sad
Your past has made you strong
Your past brought you 3 beautiful rewards
Your past extended 2 beautiful gifts
Your Rewards & Gifts are filled with mountains of love
One of these rewards is a daughter
A daughter who has learned from the best
A daughter who is proud to be compared to her Mother
A daughter who loves her Mother with all her heart
A daughter who thanks the Lord for making you her

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