Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2016

Mummy –Its for You!!~by Lopamudra Mishra


Mummy –Its for You!!

Mummy –Its for You!!
Mummy I am always a kid to you,
To you I am still a learner to face the life,
Yes ,Mom! you are right,,
I am at times fearful to stay upright,
But when I feel my unsteady steps will hurt you,
I stay firm to fight,
Then I think of your tips of life ,laughs, if you can do why can’t I.
You love me ,care me, groomed me, to brighten me up,
Never grumble saying you wasted your time,,
Laughingly admits my rise is your sunrise,
Prays for children day and night,
Now grand children are your cream,
But my share of love you never share in dream,
Still you preserve my things of choice, cooks my favourites as I like,
Saying my girl is always mine,
So her concern is my prime,
Never feels to bother me with your worries,
But I long for your support and love in spite of every comforts of life,
Because Mummy!! You are special and precious in my life,
No one can snatch your place from my life.
Happy Mother’s Day!!

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