Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2016

On mother ‘s day~by Aarti Mittal



On mother ‘s day

I miss you maa
Not only on this day
Everyday I miss you
You left me alone
You to be with you
Your name
Your fame
More dear to you
When all talk about
Mother’s unconditional love
With tears in my eyes
I say I hate you
Coz I seek for your love
I need you
Though you don’t
I take heed of you
Though you don’t
You are still lost in you
In your hypocrite world
But yet I love you
From the core of my heart
I thank you
That you were haarsh to me
That m soft to my children
That you were so stubborn to your manifestation
That I prefered provide them liberation
That you cut my wings
That I let them fly
I thank you maa
That you were so unfriendly with me
That I became their best friend
That your love was bestowed with so many conditions
That I just knew love unconditioned
You left me unpampered
That I pamper mine
My eyes could just see you
But never felt you for me
Yet maa I love you
I miss you
Though I always say
I hate you
Sorry Maa…….
Miss You maa………

Copyright @Rita
May , 8th – 2016.

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