Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2016

A Poem for Mama~by Aendgzel Roze




A Poem for Mama

(This was a poem I made before for Mom as a birthday gift..and just wanna share this again today, as we celebrate “Happy Mother”s Day” heart emoticon

These past few months her health’s not that well, and it hurts me so much seeing her in pain. I wanted to be on her side as often as I could and give her my time. I don’t show her my tears ’cause I knew she’s getting strength from me, I want her to see the strong side of me, as normal as I can, still smiling, telling her funny jokes and laughing as often. Deep inside of me, my heart weeps, but still I’m very optimistic that everything will alright…soon. I surrender all to Almighty God, I always have faith in HIM, and HE’s the greatest healer

Prayers also for all the moms, who are suffering from illness, difficulties in life whether in sickness, family problems, financial problems, etc….

heart emoticon Prayers do miracles ♥)


A Poem for Mama

As long as my vision is clear as crystal
I want to see the beauty of your face
That charm, adorable smile
A lady whom I’m very proud of.

As long as my heart keeps on beating
The love in it for you will always remains
A life you bestowed upon me
Forever will be so grateful for you O’ mother.

As long as I exist in this lifetime
Changes may come along the way
Gray hair, wrinkles on your face already appeared
The beauty you owned is like a rose- never fades.

As long as there’s the sunrise
Shining in the morning of my life
Until there’s a moon appearing in the night
My grateful heart stays for you until the setting of the sun.

© Purple Roze

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