Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2016

An ode —— to my mother~by Swapna Behera



An ode —— to my mother

The paramount Queen
of my existence
on the throne of the beatitudes
of the creation
Are you a humanbeing ?
A Goddess – An angel ?
A prayer – a solace
A song or a blessing?
A symphony or an identity
A teacher or a guide
A culture – a sunrise
or a combination of all
Dearest mother
You are more beautiful than God
As I have never seen HIM
You are an unseen umbrella
A strength to cover me
Sleepless nights and foodless days
That you have spent
You are an institution
How do you remember
footsteps of all in silent nights ??
You are the hidden
conscience Of my soul
The answers of every question
Millions of languages
Of my childhood
Your beautiful eyes
Filled with expressions
Of my seasons of all ages
You are the treasure
In the soul of my Pandora Box
I learn love from you
I love you mama
I love you ————

Copy rights @ Swapna Behera 7.5.2016

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