Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2016

Thank you Lord,~by Sandra Regina Viana



Thank you Lord,

Thank you Lord, for the mother you gave me
Without my mother Neusa Lady, I do not know how to live
My mother .. she is the pillar of my existence ..
Mom, I your daughter Sandra love you too
The Infinite Sky reveals all Tenderness, all Goodness and all unconditional love and limitless, existing in the heart of Mother …
A heart terminating the beauty and delicacy of the flowers, which translates the walk of his existence in this world, because every Mother’s heart … a beautiful and flowery heart !! … * Mother, you are the Love that transforms LIFE in their own LIFE !!
For all the mothers of the world
by white mothers, skin alvinha
the brown, brown or well pretinhas
the rich and the poor things
by mothers – aunties, by -vovós mothers, stepmothers the mother liquor,
the teachers – mothers
the mother cradling in her arms the child that is not yours
the mother’s dear longing that is gone
by latent love in all women who
awakes to feel unfurling itself a new life
by love, wonderful love that unites mothers and children
Mother is force that can handle all that endures all things for love. It is sublime comfort where nestle despair, grief, broken hearts or just staggered.
Mother’s pillar insurance, lap unconditional love, smile and say that calm, that guide. For all mothers, who on earth represent the wonderful miracle of creation; generating with your belly and love from the heart;
I thank you, Lord

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