Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2016

FEAR~by Aarti Mittal

Inspired by Mandour Saleh Hikelsir



What is fear
When you loose faith
It is fear
When you loose hope
You fear
Just have faith in your creator and none
Breathing devastators
The morons
Think they are creators
In number few and some

They are not fear
But they fear
They fear the power of innocents
As god resides in innocence
They fear the innocence
They are scare of their powers
Hence kill the innocents
But they are feeble
They feel themselves
The lion
The scared lion

Fear is the state of mind
That you are alone
You are never alone
He in you tones

When it is dark
He comes as the light
When you fear
He flows down as tears
To make you strong

I wonder
Many a times ponder
Why do we fear
What do we fear
Death is a sleep mere
When we all know
None shall stay here
Neither we nor they
The killers
Then why shall we fear
Dare the fear
It shall never come near…..

Copyright @ Rita
May , 2016



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