Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2016

silent metamorphoses.~by Sandra Regina Viana




silent metamorphoses.


There will be no butterflies life does not go through long and silent metamorphoses.
All significant changes in our lives, are at least difficult to manage to pass. Going through this process of transformation, always involves a long process with pain, all adapted to a new reality. A new way of living, get used with a different different realities that were not costumadas and adapted.
We do not know how a caterpillar can turn into a beautiful and stunning butterfly.
You may be involved, even in literal pain in the frail body of the caterpillar to break free from the cocoon.
His “home” original and first, which suddenly becomes useless. She is forced by nature to leave this cocoon behind, turning into a being so different.
A groveling be that causes fear and loathing in many people, it will now be a beautiful and always “welcome” Butterfly!
Instead of causing the banishment of the people, now it will be grounds for attractions between people in a way in general.
If all a long and complex process of transformation, a “simple” caterpillar being forced to face; what about each of us individually?
thinking human beings who feel emotions, suffering to feel certain emotions?
It will still be a much more complex process and subjective in our lives, all these transformations that life also requires us to move in many different ways and manners.
In fact, the only people who do not undergo transformations are those that make their “cocoon” somewhere “safe” to always stay, not letting go of him for fear of facing these changes.
No matter the names of our “cocoons”; It may be family, a social group, another specific person, any seemingly safe thing; where the option to get out and go through transformations, can leave us full of fear, insecurity, not knowing exactly how that new life outside our “cocoon” as safe and already known.
Caterpillars have no choice in their lives; they are “forced” to fulfill their role in nature, following in their natural pace and go through all long transformation required. Leaving your cocoon turning into a beautiful butterfly.
Can you imagine the pleasant surprise caterpillar, now as a beautiful and free butterfly?
What appeared to be his death, the end of it all was just a transformation to a new stage of his life.
Now like a butterfly always flying for life.
A groveling be to acquire wings; needed so only go through all this transformation!
Is that you?
It is still a fragile caterpillar?
Are you afraid of change?
Still holding the cocoon?
Take heart …
Get out of the cocoon!
You have WINGS!

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