Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2016

CO-TRAVELERS~by Jagjit Singh Jandu




I felt
never in solitude
Even after the cruel mishap
That left me as a boat in mid sea
That eclipsed my jouney to dream love
Time waves
apparently Made me
meet one lovely soul
My soul felt fascinated
Set to feel as if co-travellers
A journey
Blurred destination
Lurring ecstasy of emotions
Co-travellers in a serene relation
An illusive dilemma of seeking Reffuge
A shelter
Divinely blessed
The souls could feel
Sigh of relief and Wash
Their pains and shed the grief
The soul
I loved always
lagged behind Was never
With me, kept a star’s distance
Supreme thinking and egoistic dreams
Created mirage
The souls set apart
Unable to follow each other
Bring pains and enliving sorrows
Caught in murkal waters of distrust
A sudden tarnado
midway Blew off the shelter
Shattered serene relation’s nest
The souls could never hate each other
As they like to live in love for all,even
By Jagjit Singh Jit April, 2013.
@ All rights reserved.

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