Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2016

Daily missive for Thursday the 12th of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 12th of May.

There is a ring
It hangs on a gold chain
Around my neck
What does it mean to you
When it appears
Am I sad, do I look it?
Or was that a smile you caught as I
Shared a joke with you,
Being polite in an old fashioned
Kind of way
Something trivial in answer to
Have a nice day.
What is my story
Does it make you think
There might be more
Than what you see and do you care?
What about that other man
Where? Over their
He is barely holding on
Leaning on a doorpost
Raggedly breathing
With an aroma of sadness
And second hand smoke
Was he once a stokey?
A proud young man
Before his world
Came tumbling down
What is his story?
Collapsed lungs and frayed heartaches
Surround you if you care to look
So many with stories
You could write a book
And see how much better you will feel
When you come to see
What is really there,
Right in front of you.
If you raise your eyes above your navel.
Stop gazing at that young woman’s chest
The one in the tight vest,
Does your mother know
You have sunk so low?
So many lonely ones with no connection
Afraid of rejection
The awkward reception
Whenever they speak out.
Too old to party too young to let go
But they know they are not seen
For whom they are but how they seem
And nobody takes the trouble
To find out
What an old guy
In the corner is all about.
It is such a drag
Did you smell the old hag?
The one in the fur coat
With a shopping trolley
And a carrier bag
Made into a hat
What do you think about that?
Somebody should have a word
Letting them out on the street
Is quite absurd
It is a disgrace
What about the old man with the grimy
Leather lined face?
He looks a little familiar
Is that a peculiar reality
Or just a warped perception
Oh no it is a reflection
In the mirror behind the bar
And what I see is me.

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