Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2016

the lower birth~by Aarti Mittal

Inspired by my poet friend Sukanta Mohapatraji


the lower birth

The girl in the lower birth
Not so beautiful
Yet the wheatish attractive beauty
Her sparkling big eyes
Though dazzling ,
but seemed with unflown river
I guess with oceans of emotions in her heart
Talking with her ownself
With unspoken words
Her hands decorated with beautiful dark red mehndi
Her wrists full of wedding chudas
Trying to hide her mysterious ownself
I was baffled as she was
Or was to marry
I was smitten by her appearance
I thought to solve the mystery
Of whether she was alone or…
Accidently her wandering eyes stopped at me
I too gazed
Presented a smile
To my surprise
She reverted with smiling lips
And uncontrolled of streams from her eyes
We kept on exchanging smiles talking eye to eye
With words unspoken
I offered her some hot coffee
At early dawn
Without any queries
As if she boarded the train for me

That memorable cup of coffee
Now she offers me every morning
With her pleasant smiles
Before I am even out of my bed…..

Copyright @ Rita

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