Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 14, 2016

CONFUSION~by Lopamudra Mishra




My thumb is bleeding ,wounded by the edge of dagger,
I crawled in pain thinking about my faults again and again,
Feels stranded in chess board,
surrounded by soldiers and ministrants,
Then I checked my race ,disrupted by high rise mountain range,
The words like knife sheath my nave,just could mumble few grumbling tape,
My identity is at stake,feels year long struggling will take a break,
I know my silence is hurting my chest,
The burning sensation in heart could only beep about my doomed fate,
The person whom I trust ,accuses me insane,as I carried away with some appreciative words in its place,
Is this fair ???
My mind just engaged in gruesome battles,
Analysing my image in front of glass in different angles,
The rose so sweet earlier now I bruised by heat rays,
My mind say but the confusion which heaps to triplets,
Ask me ??
Am I not close to you ,search your reflections in broken mirror frame,
See, I am a flamboyant butterfly,love to fly ,never crossed my wired fence,
Just played with the dancing flowers and sips the nectar which satisfy my demands
But your words moved me to tears,unstable were the steps of mine ,
Rolling in bed I started examining my silhouettes frame,
Now in confusion I ask for my faults??

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