Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 17, 2016

Bridge so Far~by Norman Wilson



Bridge so Far

There is a bridge high up on the mountain
Crossing over a ridge of timeless dreams
Rising over the face of the never-ever
Never-ever a place I have ever been

They say the pine trees have grown there forever
Reaching the tip of the mountain top
Sheltering the ground with spindled branches
Never-ever feeling the harsh pelting of raindrops

With heart I shall go into the forest of pine
To find the grail of bridges that seems too far
Coveting my prize atop the emerald forest
Where they say the bridge is the staircase to the stars

Howls of wolves wail in the distance
Where the majestic eagle soars in the sky
Through a vanilla mocha of billowing clouds
Until the eagles are swallowed up inside

Yet I seek through the growth that surrounds me
Amongst the hooting owls in a sea of trees
Hooting out their message of no passage
For you will never find the bridge you want to see

Therefore, the grail of bridges that seems so far
Tending to the never-ever, stair-casing to the stars
Is ever lost to me in a scented forest of succulent pine
Concealing forever the divine bridge by His design

All rights reserved 05/09/16
Norman Francis

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