Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 17, 2016

Love never measured!!~by Lopamudra Mishra



Love never measured!!

Your present is indeed splendid,
It glitters radiantly creating magic,
You gifted me the trendy gold necklace,
Feeling proud that your love is intense,
It speaks of love we share,
Years of thrust and friendship buried there,
Your decision is to present me a necklace,
So that It will act as a reminder for your love to memorise the day,
I escorted you to the jewellery shop,
Aware of your zero knowledge about the metal stag,
You didn’t check the price tag,
Just searched the necklace,which will enhance my neckline and that will add grace,,
I could feel your trembling fingers,while selecting the expensive gift,
Very careful you,hide your sweat from my detective chirp,,
I saw your purse’s protruding base,
Then I smell , it is less according to your taste ,
You want me as a model’s look,
Perhaps comparing mannequins slender neck with my physique ,
Now the selection processor is over,
I saw your weak fingers counting your hard earned money on the counter table,
Very cool you wanted to resemble in front of my worried look,
The heat of pulse now touched me,
But you remained calm even with fading face n loving smile,
My heart started sinking,I pressed your palm to drop the idea,
Being stubborn you rejected this criteria,,
Presented me your savings through this necklace,
Tears came to my eyes,thinking I am always yours,
Is this my requirement ???
Love is never measured with gold or diamond,
Its incomparable with your two loving words,,
That you are mine even if I don’t remain fine,
Love can’t be measured ,its not countable,or longing,
Its my feeling for you and yours for me,
Together we are faithful that’s more than enough,,,
Necklace may enhance my glow and its radiance is temporary,But….
I want to maintain this spark of love through out my lifetime
With the heart of gold, and with lots of love and affection ……….each other!!!.

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