Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 17, 2016

Plague of Darkness~by Norman Wilson



Plague of Darkness

The sun has sheltered in a plague of darkness
A darkness that shades the sun away
Creeping across a forgone horizon
Stealth-fully sealing the light of day

There are no angels of mercy to save us
To bring back the golden sunshine
Her glowing face has become granite and stone
Shimmering on the earth for the very last time

Tornadoes up heave upon the earth
As hurricanes batter at war with the seas
Where no gentleness surrounds us
As we become just a memory of history

Tears no longer fall from the heavens
For the rain clouds, have non-to share
As the landmasses crumble beneath the ocean
Leaving no markings that we were here, anywhere

Was this a plague of darkness set upon us
Alternatively, did we misunderstand our sun
Should we have cared more for the environment
Now that our time on earth is done

All rights reserved 05/10/16
Norman Francis

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