Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 18, 2016

HIDDEN LIGHT~by Suzette Portes San Jose




from the world, a mystery is hidden
while sweet smiles, held forsaken

in life’s fullness, was a light of wonders
a bounty garden, in colorful scented flowers

that brought about life’s hope… so alluring
bright as the velvety rose… so fascinating

through every minute…it goes bewitching time
the hands of clock…were joy to charm every chime

the silent sound that yearns to roar with might
slowly sneaks a kiss on dew drop from warming light

all sweet and radiant as it blooms and glows
with elegance that stands in the breeze that flows

and to each moment a shadow be seen
looking through what it has been

let us have what good tomorrow will bring
from those darkened nights, a sun be shining

a desiderate vision coupled with hope and glory
could surely tell the best line of each one’s life story

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