Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 20, 2016

I Wish To Feel You~by Aarti Mittal


Inspired by Anita Sahoo


I Wish To Feel You


I just feel like looking at you
Gazing at you
Without even a single talk
Or even a single word
A living nostalgia
From the time we met
For the very first time
After our wedding
From the very first night
I was so scared and baffled
You got me to my comfort zone
By talking the whole night
With my hand in yours
And me , I remember just dozed off
I guess you still went on and on
With words of emotions
Feelings and love
When I was purblind
as my age
I just wanted my peaceful sleep
I didn’t even know
That I was married
What it really meant
The days passed by
With your stories
And my play
And your solicitous nature
Like a chivalric
Untill one day under that pouring rain
When you carried my muddy me
In your arms
I felt to be
more and more close to you
When the drops of water touching your lips
Touched mine
And when your broad wet chest
Touched mine
I felt to be clinged to your arms for ever
When for the first moment your fingertips
Touched my tender untouched ignorance
I yearned for silence to speak the words of love
But yet unknown was I
That I was attracted towads you
I was in love with you
Forever and ever
Wanting to hear those love stories now
Wanting to talk to you the whole night
Yess now I talk silently
And you
Only hear me as you promised
Till the end of my breath
To meet you and say
The words you yearned to hear from me
That yess
I wish to feel you
To be you……

Copyright @Rita

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