Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 23, 2016

Deliverance of the Heart~by Norman Wilson



Deliverance of the Heart

I cannot feel her love anymore
As she descends into a sea of deliverance
In a world so full of indifference
Towards a podium of non forgiveness

She walks where angels once walked
Between two giant thorny ferns
Ferns immersed in tumbleweeds
Rolling forward to accost me deliberately

Constance was her given name without change
She came born during a sultry summer rain
Now she is a woman of high degree
With butterfly eyes that sees through me

I tried hard to circumvent
With flowering words of my true intent
Words that once rolled from a tongue of lies
In a post revolution of my heart inside

Be sweet my love my dear
For I shall be for you throughout the years
As I can rise to heights of your degree
If your heart and soul would only let me

My heart comes in tweets that fill the air
For our ears to hear and share
So let the deliverance of our apathy
Run awry on the winds of love to be

All rights reserved 05/12/16
Norman Francis

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