Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 23, 2016

we are all human.~by Sandra Regina Viana



we are all human.

Happiness is entirely in the chest who thanks the daily miracles, who forgives himself and others.
Happiness is also thanks.
Ever be pleased …
The feeling that invades you to observe other people’s mistake …
That is never pleasant …
The emotion that defines you to realize the weakness of the other …
Ever be victory …
The laughter that draws in your mouth to prove the failure of anyone …
Because in this boat, we are all human.
All lamentable.
Here everything is circular my flower …
You see?
All pitied.
It is … compassion … this divine aspect in us that we will always need watering, nurturing, caring …
To not die …
If something in me is delighted with my missteps next …
Who will be falling ugliest?
Tell me, who?
Process only what makes you good.
Throw in the trash that bothers you.
We are precious to live a lifetime involved with hassles.

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