Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 24, 2016

THIS CREAKY,RICKETY CAR.~by Philibus K Elisha Elisha




This creaky,rickety car of a hopeless
This creaky,rickety car of no bearing;
Up the hill of hope panting
And creaking
With so much effort and cough;
Like the proverbial train of the old
In a great spasms of a smoky spat
Exuding the excess exhaust
Of her locomotive combustion of repairs.

In her limbo ride she rattles
In great momentum of added greese gained
From acquired largesses of hoard
On the hellish roads of her sleeky manipulations
Through grotesque bends she swerves
In a brake-fluid lacking mien
Of her reckless journey..

We jerk and stop in great anguish
To sigh a hopeless hiss
But it is always the ‘Drivers’ turn
To hiss his hiccoughing hics
With the hellish breath
Of a petrol-smelling snort of the guzzles
Got;from a spoiled largess..

He opens up the bonnet of no repairs
For us mere commuters to discern….
His belaboured combustor?
He fiddles and fudge further for a flaw
But befuddled in the belaboured brouhaha of the scenario
Is a stuffy smoke;
He blames it on a driver before !

This hopeless, creaky,rickety scrap of no
So befuddled in the stagnant hibernation
Of time’s eternal mourning;
Creaking and moving
Panting and heaving
Siphoning and guzzling
As we bump,screech,swerve and stumble
In our seamless hysteria
To see from a blurred screen way
To Canaan land
Where promises are no figment.

This creaky,rickety car;
Down the road to a Golgotha you are bound?
Or to Eldorado of reality..
Where we sigh a relieving pulse.


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