Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2016

The End~by Karen King

For my Dad, who died thirty years ago today.



The End

What is death, but the beginning of a journey?
One journey has ended and another begun.
There is no end.
Your next step on this journey, a vast open space.
A parallel universe that blends with your own.
When you step over the boundary of death,
It is a new beginning, like the boundary of birth.
These demarcations purely for man,
For, like time, they do not exist.
All space and time are one.
We are all one.
“The end” is where our lost loved ones reside
And you, in turn, wait for them
Before moving on in the continuous cycle of life.

“Seventy Seven Steps to Heaven; Through the Musings of my Mind”
Karen King Copyright 2015

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