Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 28, 2016





From the paper baskets
I collected your broken heart
Soaked with tears of wounded past
In the grey hour of your thoughts
Pale Moon appeared everyday
With a stitched gown to share with you
The frozen stars
In the valley of your love
You cried many times from within
But didn’t have the warmth of twinkling
I know sweet girl the garden of roses
Composed betrayal poetry for you
Throwing loving words into dark
Pink photograph of time painted
With yellow dusts dull and fade
Gifting you an out-dated memory card
Designed the dark house cover page
But don’t be sad and defeat
Don’t draw the depress line
Your heart still beats well dance with
Eyes are still having depth
Your tender lips still quiver like rose
Your dusky beauty still adorable
Your sculpted body still alluring
Eternal colour of your soul still
Glistening well with waves divine
Weaved of fragrant silky threads
After all you are of God’s creation
So don’t walk dead in deep of mind
Mirror yourself get into self
Love and gather every piece of
Broken heart that was bleed and down
See how light denies not the dark
Clouds deny not the barren cracks
Life denies not the death
So I hope you too
Love denies not the broken heart
My dear Angel friend
Just smile and put on butterfly wings
Glide away fly high to blue heaven
Kiss and catch the star again
Hold on the fire of passion
In the valley of love,
Compose new songs
Burn the life to glow again

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