Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 28, 2016

WHERE ARE THE DAYS~by Anup Chowdhury




Where are the days !!!
The days of rising sun
Full of purple delights
Shimmering joy of greens
A few perhaps still run.

Where are the days !!!
The days of infatuation
To peep her only once
Flowing waves of thrills
Anxiety slides,sweat run.

Where are the days !!!
To touch the destination
To touch the summit
To experience adventure
Bloomed once in each second

With idle hobnob, lived
The dreams of meeting
By untrodden alley dark
Secluded amidst the stars
To taste the virgin lust.

Where are they now !!!
The guys of lively teen
To share breathless time
To wipe tears at canteen

Where are the days !!!

Gone the days of golden
Locked into the sky ever
Can you tell me friends,
How can the days return ?

Copyright © Reserved
Dtd. 28.05.16/ Bankura.

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