Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 29, 2016

Mirror of Reflections~by Norman Wilson



Mirror of Reflections

I would miss my Molly in the morning
I would miss her at night before I slept
Then I would see her reflection in the mirror
Bringing tears to my eyes when I wept

I have too much time now to remember
Remembering the endless time, we spent together
As mystical sparks rose from the fireplace
Fashioning a radiant glow flooding a field of heather

Now I sit alone by a bitterly cold hearth
Where the old charred ashes kindle no sparks
Tragically resulting in the moon to blink out as well
For her and I, who sat about in the vastness of dark

My tears keep falling into a quiet panning river
A river that parts the ports of heaven and hell
As they pooled to be read like tea leaves
Where only a heart like Molly could read and tell

Someday I shall paddle upon the quiet panning river
On that last day, I shall paddle and find my way
Where I will be by the sparks of the fireplace
Beneath the moon with Molly every night and day

All rights reserved 05/16/16
Norman Francis

Thank you everyone for your likes of support and wonderful comments. I am going to try and respond once again my dear friends

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