Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2016

Craig the Cow~by Karen King



Craig the Cow

His name was Craig,
Craig the Cow.
He was a cow,
But he didn’t know how.

Every day, to the daisies
He would bow.
He would eat the grass,
Enjoying the here and now.

He saw brown and beige
Shapes in the field,
Chomping on the grass,
Enjoying the yield.

Flies buzzed around
His eyes and neck.
Was it happening to the others?
He didn’t check!

He would sit,
He would stand,
He would wander
Around and around.

What did the other shapes
All stand together?
Would he be alone,
Forever and ever?

Time passed,
The grass became yellow,
The trees lost their leaves…
A shape came over to say, “Hello.”

She spoke to him and loved him,
They knew just what to do,
Although once upon a time,
He hadn’t had a clue!

Now, they have a calf
And he knows he is a bull.
Nature showed the way
And he answered it’s call.

So, all things
Will turn out well in the end
And you will always find
That special friend.

Karen King Copyright © 31 May 2016

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