Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 19, 2016

Dreams He Dreamed~by rldubour



Dreams He Dreamed

Was long ago in time
He played there in the sand.
And even then he dreamed
Of building something grand.

Once he was a captain
Commander of his ship.
Or would dress like Zorro
With mask a sword and whip.

All imagination
Was vivid as can be.
Six guns and cowboy hat
Was quite a sight to see.

Batman and Superman
His heroes all stood tall.
Fighting all the villains
He triumphed over all.

Each day a different quest.
He roamed from east to west.
Searching for the outlaws
That soon he would arrest.

He could be a Pirate
Or a famous Indian Chief.
Form a hunting party
And call himself Cochise.

That was then so long ago
Now he has a son to show.
Time had passed this was so
Ever fast never slow.

Page 056

He still recalls his boyhood dreams
Great heroes everyday.
With his son so often
You’ll see them both at play.

He thinks back to his dream
Of building something grand.
What grander thing could ever be?
Than holding his son’s hand.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Ron. I was looking for some, it just wasn’t in me to do something like that in 3 days.

  2. Ron, have you looked at amrapoetry2.wordpress? I have a second site that has a few more poems. I have the second site because i pressed “publish” too quick

    • no I have not but going there now!

      • Ron, is it alright if i send my newest work to you? It’s named Night to Day. I just ask to look it over n’ tell me if anything needed to be changed.One more thing. Can i send iot directly to your wordpress from mine, without it changing anything?

    • very nice!!

  3. You saw it on WordPress, so would you be willing to read things like that? I’m wondering because i’m getting my work published. The bad thing is that i only got acceptance letters in the thousands i sent to various publishing outlets.

    • Yes I would and you will be fine just have some patience

      • I’m developing more, since i didn’t have a lot to start with

      • never give up!

      • I don’t. I learned many years ago, when i was much worse off than i am know.

      • no matter what happens in life always remember there are people with much worse, smile and be happy with life!

      • So true, Ron

      • The people in my life have changed me from happy-go-lucky to really serious. That might be good in terms of work, but i don’t know where else.

      • I do have patience, but my patience is almost used up.It’s been more than 20 yrs since the first time i tried to get published. N’ the same result. NO.

  4. Correction: I only got 2 acceptance letters

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