Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 19, 2016

II A word strong II~by Satya Pattnaik

I dedicate this poem to all the women of the world]

II A word strong II


I am today
With loads of thoughts
To celebrate the day
Collecting bones, body
Loves, tears, rhythms and pace
Smiles and pains
From my domestic dustbin
Where I lose all my self
Label like a goods
Shimmer in burner flames
Guided by cooker whistle
Battle all day being chained
My dreams, desires and love
Pull down to bed every night
Collapse, drain and die
Cry down every tear
For a new morning
In the cabinet of my ornaments
I hammer the deposits
Of my happiness
Analyze every relation I earned
Gently I dust my memories
Push myself every time
To the corner of silence

After a long journey of life
Whether you feel or not
I do not know but
I am tired of
Stitching the relations around
Sewing faded wedding gown
My colour box has dried up
I am no more a glittering
Printed sari
Now only
A mere cut piece
a joyless history
Laced with wounds and pains
A complete loss

Still I learn to bloom in pain
Not to go the day in vain
Air is caressing my expression
Blue sky is burning with a word strong
Nestle my dream well
Am vulnerable no more
I know to celebrate in many ways
Because I am woman
I may fall but not die



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