Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 26, 2016

THE RAIN DROPS~by Rajendra Padhi




.Never had I seen the rain drops beaming at me
Waking in me an eye to cling closely for a sight
Swaying over the leaves and dancing to fall on ground
On the frogs ready for a cacophony at night.

A flurry of rain drops lying scattered over rivers
Begin to shine in lightening twisted with each other
Over blue buds of lilies vaguely waiting for moon
Music in the pitch dark shrinks the ear in fear.

Still I walk on driven by a passion- filled longing
Caring not the sharp- shooting showers downward
Each drop like kisses from lovers after summer
Thirsting for its touch on soft lips to cool the heat.

The rain drop like a gem in the ear ring of my lover
Move waved by the gentle breeze thrills the eyes
Ravishes as net of pearls from sky in fresh shower
Gleaming in the light in early hours of night.

Each drop, the very life and breath of living things
Laden with hope of farmers in the fields
Trees sway guessing new buds for flowers and fruits
Its cool tingling touch is the gift of new life on earth.

DT 26-06- 2016
Composed and copyright by Rajendra K.Padhi

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