Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2016

Love knows no boundaries~by Nutan Sarawagi



Love knows no boundaries

No distances can do us apart
No boundaries can melt our love
Love cannot be divided into distances
No distance can marr our love
As searching for you through plains that are thick and far and wild
Catching you in loves emotions in love’s high tide
I wade for you through streams mountains jungles ,combing you through thick and thin
In the hope of finding you within
Lost you are to my soul as is the search
I roam in you seeking you in my soul desperately within
my last hope of finding you within

No distance can marr our love
That boundary has yet to be created
To restrain love within it’s boundaries is yet to be debated
The power of love supercedes all love for it’s boundaries know no end
In it lies loves boundaries seeking it’s own end

Cut me divide
I am me I am yours to love
till death do us apart
in your love stands my love
nobody can take me away from you
in my strength lies your love
you are me and I am you
waiting to be loved

No restrictions can take us
No boundaries abate us
No hate can hate us
As our love abounds with love
Waiting in the throes of love
Waiting to be loved

As heaven awaits us
In it’s death lies our love
Seeking our love
throwing its door open to us
Even as heaven , heaves under our sighs of love
Sighing with it’s love
Welcoming us in its heart
Waiting for its love
As the storm of love invades heaven’s love
Iightening strikes
In it you can hear God’s roar
Taking love to another level in a new uproar

Loves knows no boundaries
No sky can tie it down
sky is not it’s limit
Love is love
Even love cannot determine it’s love

Take me , tear me away from you in me lies the penultimate
It’s never ending life seeking life’s ending neverending

For love has no limit it cannot even be held by love
It’s love limitless as I bow my head in love
To love in my love
Limiting my love to love
Limitless in it’s love my love for you limitless
Limiting my love to love

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