Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 3, 2016

An ode to Tarishi Jain~by Aarti Mittal



An ode to Tarishi Jain

O my god I pray you joining both my hands
Crossing the limits of humanity
I pray
Let the earth tremble where they reside
Find no place to hide
Let them feel you are not by their side
For what ever religion may be
It teaches only love humanity forgiveness
Let them fear their ownself
Let them hate their ownself
Let them feel the fears
Let them shed the tears
That shed by innocents
When their brutal cruel laughing bullets were killing innocents
Let the houses they dwell in
Get devasted like the devastation in flood
Let their demonic deeds get terrorized
By their own deeds
My heart bleeds
My silence weeps

I pray to you

O my lord I really wish
You miricale
They loose their memory forever
Following the demonic deeds never
Living a life full of humanity and compassion
Love for others as passion
Enemying the acts of terrorists n terrorism forever….

Copyright @Rita


  1. love it

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