Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 3, 2016

Earth Angels~by Norman Wilson



Earth Angels

Sorrow, such sorrow, what horrid sorrow
Steals away all of their tomorrows
Where dreams are lost in want of old and grey
For twenty will never have those special days

Chilled veins frothing in raging lanes
Heightened in ambiguity before bloodlust
From butchers blades that crudely slay
Rampantly, rampantly, in unbridled fray

What stokes such immoral eruption
To a multitude of echoing pleads in gushing blood
Behind walls where innocence has truly fallen
As rescue comes thirteen hours late for those that we loved

No mercy was shown, no mercy they gave
Non for the dying and non for the brave
For those twenty who died on that horrid night
Bathing in blood by the terrorists long knives

There will be only memories of yesterdays
For the prism of their lives slipped breathlessly away
Never to tread on green pastures of tomorrow
As we pray for them with heads hung in sorrow

All rights reserved 07/02/16
Norman Francis

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