Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 3, 2016

Escape from society and culture~by Payal



Escape from society and culture

A rebel, but no fairytale, believe me,
realities exist within the synapses
confined to boundaries laid against
self awareness finding windows through
dark classrooms while studying or
precisely dozing at the feet of words taught,
evaporated and returned as boomerang.

Would like to keep inner materials
untouched by the outer walls,
downplay oneself as unusually
talkative and nonsensical funny.

Incapabilities to get along with people
of same religion and beliefs laid waste
by massive earthquakes felt in every sight,
every feeling rolled like broken free oil drops
unwilling to dissolve, sleepwalking on the
waves of socialism chortling at free market

Step in foreign metros sheltering
racial differences and anonymous existences
which really do not care about the dorms
arranged by my parents, where I enjoy
my private pleasures with antithetical books,
gather reflections of trees before and after
being pruned,
go through biographies looking for revelations
and chop onions without shedding tears
memorizing old things that come across as
classical satires to now post adolescence mind.

Imagine about hard times people had after wars
stripped of basic living privileges,
eyes decay with rest as unsavoury life of brave
new world with unethical youth sleeping, drinking
and ruined women mocking their own purities
balked at traditional upbringings.

A distinct deep brown woman with her small
shop who does not talk but hands me the fresh
baked multi cereal loaf for few cents,
whom I visit everyday on city walks to swap the
warmth of our bare arms.

A renaissance American man introduced by a
common friend, who works as a teacher in a local
university, wins all small talks at get-togethers,
interests the woman of strong liberal convictions
screaming allegiance to fascinating detours from
family heirlooms,
sincerely in awe of accomplishments and blindness
incurable by sundering limited aspects of fairly small
birthright communions.

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