Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 3, 2016

Immigrants~by rldubour




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America~ the land unseen.
With water pure and fields of green.
Settlers came~ with one main dream
To live in freedom it does seem.

For some their freedom took a switch
Death by fire~ if thought one a witch!
The wilderness would soon give way
They came by thousands everyday.

Plantation owners took on slaves
For their freedom~ were early graves.
That was then and long in the past
Yet, prejudice just seems to last.

Mother’s ties have now been broken
Gave her crown back as a token.
In wagon trains they ventured west
All seeking freedom was their quest.

They came by thousands everyday
To find their dreams~ more lives would pay.
The railroad now has linked both sides
Death to the red man and all his tribes.

Then the war ‘tween blue and gray
For freedom many lives would pay.
America~ land of the free
“In God we trust”~ is our decree.

As America grew stronger
Immigration lines grew longer.
Now freedom takes a different role
It seems that greed has filled the soul.

From freedom to prosperity
Greed has become priority.
The politicians of our land
Their pompous minds don’t care for man.

Once a small town now a city
As violence roams with no pity.
They still come and everyday
Fulfilling their dreams and a better way.

When they are asked~ you’ll hear them say.
They seek to live their life our way.
To fight for peace, our sons we gave.
America~ land of the brave!

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