Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 5, 2016

A Crying Shame Written~ by Patrick Kevin O’ Shea 4/07/2016



A Crying Shame
Written by Patrick Kevin O’ Shea 4/07/2016

A crying shame
A child without a name
A broken wing
This bird doesn’t sing
A badger lying still.
On a road in a kill
A fence, such a lot
This horse being shot
Upset, I can tell
My eyes start to well
This child with no name
In a war what a shame
Walking in vacant look
His family has been took
This toddler looking lost
In a war, what a cost
This toddler in a group
Behind a fence in a coop
Many more , I can tell
As my eyes start to swell
Many more that will die
As my eyes start to cry

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