Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 5, 2016

love hurts, we say~by Elven Debi



love hurts, we say

love hurts, we say
yet the love I feel hurts not,
it rises in my chest
like an angels nest
bound to a freedom worn pure
bound to a river dream
and slips through off the finest law.
I am not the man I was,
the trial of thunder came for me,
yet my brethren ~ my sisters
still see the kindness in my supple eyes.
the deepest bonds are forged
when the sun sinks low beneath the earth,
as one by one we share our fears
till rainbow hangs above our days.
we are strong together, my friends and I,
and the pure runs to the pure
to seek that which is hidden deep
within the soul,
locked in as light.
for when two hands press together
they reach the shore.
whatever you believe is OK with me,
but I pray with shadows upon my wall,
a candle in a purple glass
and a reen sun, of leaf at my door.
I prayed in faith and so faith has found me.
I am the river man ~ the ferry man,
dreamlined unto myself, I wept
yet in love I believe
that a heart that is broken can live again
stronger and warmer
as the self climbs through clouds.
we all have higher natures,
grace is our gift of touch.
I am ready now
to walk the white pier,
come to me, if within your life
the broken things sing
and will hold you dear,
I will press the calmed universe
between my sailing palm
and support you in your hour of need.
It is what I am made for,
our true harmony.
we are all equal,
if you want me
and I want you
then no ocean of simple clay will stand
the pull of our mind in the right season.
respect is my way,
it is how I have been taught,
as a pupil of the mountain school.
for those capable, both in word and deed
are the true treasures of a realm.
It is time to speak out
against the murdering ways
of government
but who will stand with me
as I speak out ?
unity is strength,
so who will speak out ?
my love, it is
the belonging kind,
come to me in heart
if you need my love
and I will show you the angel of yourself,
the seraphim that sleeps inside.
you are strong not weak my friends,
we have been lied to,
our history is false.
I have been down that path of tears
and scalding fear,
yet in my arms now is a kingdom,
just a simple man
with the right to be a king.
I wish to find my other now,
for everyone deserves a queen.
Butt respect, respect, respect !
there is no other way.
respect one another’s heart,
that two by two we may sit
beneath stars we once travelled.
this thing called life,
it is grater than once I thought,
there are no guarantees,
but I say this
my spiral heart can bless the realm.
o my love, feel me
I will not hurt you,
as poets sing to release the rain.
love hurt we say
but the love I feel hurts not.
I am sending all of my warmth to you,
for life is beautiful.

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