Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 5, 2016

My dear child~by Nutan Sarawagi

An unwed mothers ode to her dear child
as she relives her childhood through her child taken away from her ..from her womb !



My dear child

wish I could have met you then
sitting by your side
picking you up
as you crawled by my side
on your tiny feet wobbling
as you cried
in my arms
your tiny tears dried

a little baby then in her pitter patter feet
toddling nodding smiling everyone’s smile
in her guile looking o so cute
in her toothless smile
as she grew in a love so true
to look at the world in a world holding it close to you
with eyes of innocence
in our love she grew
waiting for life to take her through

then one day her innocence turned in her
her life re..turned
as fear grew in her
taking away from her
her own love
her precious possession away from her
as she awaits to this day
with haunted eyes
in her eyes which took away that smile
for that day to return to her life
where her precious possession lay in her arms so quiet
fought with her life holding her tight
In her strength clasping her little life
holding her in her arms
a life so beautiful and strong

now it leaves her to once again
become strong
to take her back with open arms
in her life she once withdrew
with her love to start anew
taking her back to those days
when she was a child playing with her
oh god bring back
those good ol days
please don’t take them away
they were mine
give them back
don’t take away
with me keep them
with me
give me back
don’t take away
in my innocence
keep them
the same way


  1. very moving

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