Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 5, 2016

My Vampire~by Karen King



My Vampire

by Karen King

Tell me about your dreams of lust
As your past turns to particles of dust.
Do not sit there, your armour covered in rust.
It is time to explore now. It is a must.
Come and visit me in your dark cloak.
What feelings in me you invoke,
Remember the feelings of love in which I spoke?
Come and give me loving strokes…

We each have a broken wing,
But come over here and do your thing,
Who knows what this will bring?
I will be your Queen and you can be King.

Would you take my blood as well as my heart?
Come on now, let’s make a start.
For, at night, we do not need to part,
I am a crazy out-of-control cart.

Be careful when you take your bite,
For it is our first night.
Please pander me with delights,
Love me throughout the night.
I am here waiting for you,
If only you knew.
I am a bubbling brew.
Please take me now, do!

“A Fantasy of Love” Karen King Copyright June 2016

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