Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 6, 2016

Quest to look beyond the confines of privilege~by Payal

Quest to look beyond the confines of privilege

“Che Guevara, the man who could have
started World War 3rd.”

Rebel group of Fedel Castro and Che Guevara
after overthrowing dictatorship in Cuba—-


Quest to look beyond the confines of privilege

Leisurely made victory parades,
men with anguished faces,
drugs, showgirls and prostitutes
throwing themselves at the survivals
of possible executions.

Young men intelligent and sure
of themselves,
charting pathways through daylight,
sipping their brow sweat,
hiding behind stacks of sugarcanes,
sally forth clandestine existences,
unfed, soleless, bearded and smelly,
men not known for their delicacies,
hours and hours of walking beholden
refuges to the hearty peasants.

New societies born out of old ashes,
barely escaped the mystic burials
of multiple political ideologies,
left affluence and comfortable lives
the unwavering goals of roads to freedom,
massacred several men and women,
innocent, terrified and sometime volunteers,
thorny wilderness of wide jungles with no
vegetation and inhabitants echoed ammunition
and thirst of revolution.

Thunderstorms often breaking silences of
measly stars who try to shine harder to be
soaked by throbbing veins under thick
skins breathing winds of tumult now
silenced, isolated and feverish,
they have seen those martyrs biting their
fingers while thriving movements of noisy
bullets sank in their empty stomachs
and asphyxiated in their own blood
the passions and indignations to rise
once again against societies so ill and
unaware of their own exploitations.

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