Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 6, 2016

whom I simply adore !!~by Nutan Sarawagi

To my dear friend Doris Neutens
whom I simply adore !!


whom I simply adore !!

You are mine for sure
The one I adore
who suits me the best
who puts me at rest
whom I love the best

I simply adore

I can’t ask for more
for I know you love me more and more
even more than ever before
when we met in our dreams
a dream in it to dream
of you and me
in it to dream our dream
in it to spin
in rainbow colours
that never dim
in colours of the rain
In its hues the world to paint
reflecting in the rain
to let the rain
reign in its reign
to never rain
in which all love drives insane
in it built in its every vein
in a love to never pain
In its love to only gain
just tears of love to rain
just rain in an outpouring run
to have fun
for life is game
in which we loose some
only to winsome more some

in its truth of love to live
for its a game
of make believe
where some win
some deliberately
choose to leave
and I am such one
I leave you in your fun
as I choose to have won
in your fun
In your love


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