Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 7, 2016

Last Echo~by Norman Wilson



Last Echo

How do you say your final good-bye
In the last storm of summer
Where love turns into a distant echo
Gone astray to loves wonders

I now pass over my grave
Marked by bed of budding red roses
Covering the mainline of spiritual rising
To the pale of what heaven proposes

I once felt the glow of sunshine
Blistering from a yellow pervious sphere
Revealing burns upon my skin
For over sixty-six years

I could not see my destruction
Until I started melting away in age
Melting away from you my dearest
In a wind of deception offering no other day

I should of walked with you in a field of tulips
Even though we were old and grey
We should have shared the sunshine together
In each an everyday

Why did I not see the thorns
Or the roses that marked my way
Why did I not hear the echoes
That had whispered slowly away

The green pines rise in the forest
Where the breeze blows atop the trees
As I join with many others
In the biggest show I shared with thee

If I can say to you my dearest
I let too much in our life go by
As I now, fly high with the angels waiting
In loves last echo for you to be by my side

All rights reserved 07/06/16
Norman Francis

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