Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 10, 2016

A Bedtime Prayer~by rldubour

Humanity must open their eyes and pray for this senseless violence and hatred to stop!


A Bedtime Prayer

As I kneel beside my bed

I hold my hands and bow my head.

I pray for guidance from above.

And to protect the ones I love.

I pray for family and for friends

I pray for peace, before this world ends.

I pray for children one and all

That they are safe while growing tall.

I pray for all that love is shown

I pray for those all left alone.

I pray for sickness to be cured

I pray that pain be just a word.

I pray that violence comes to an end

And learn the meaning of what is a friend.

I pray for loved ones gone ahead

As I hold my hands and bow my head.

If God should take me while I rest

Will my family know I tried my best?

And that I will be watching from above

Forever sending them my love.

I ask for strength while I am here

To give me hope and face my fears.

To give me courage to overcome

What lies before me and not to run.

I thank you Lord for this day

And for my life in every way.


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