Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 10, 2016

Don’t cry~by Nutan Sarawagi



Don’t cry

Of course
we can stand and fight to support
the poet
who cries in his heart of gold
in his tears dulled in his eyes
in his heart to share the poor childs plight
for he is a poet in his own right
his heart bleeds in this tender loving sight
as he wipes his eyes with his own eyes
bleeding blood
reigning tears in blood stained eyes
as he whips his own blood
flogs himself in his pain
paining in their wrath for innocence to rise match his own smiles
in his heart so pure to match their heart
in a love so gone to fill it back
where innocence rests to give it back
to wipe their tears never to run
to make the world once again one
feel the pain
in their cruel fun
as it watches it go
in their blood to run
for he is the poet soft and fearless
with a heart of gold tuned to life
to tell the world to wake up to life
in their love to rise
stop being cowards deaf and dumb
rise again with him rise
join him In his love
to bring back their right
to never again hurt them
however hard their plight
to live them in their lives
to be them
with them as if their own child
in which rests their own life
their child

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