Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 10, 2016

Ghost Lovers~by Norman Wilson



Ghost Lovers

In raw nakedness of a warm night
Came glimpses so rare so piercingly right
To murmuring of hearts beating surreal
With stealing whispers, whispering to seal

Shrill was the passion of paining hearts
Suffering in depth of breath, jolting apart
For all that brings the ribbon to a close
That knots the ties, tightening the bow

Barely to start with just a first step
Whether to forget with others they kept
With trekking footprints for they to find
Who bade them to be, same of kind

Soulfulness for them hiding in rising tide
Soulfulness so deep, they keep inside
With tangling bed-sheets on dangling lines
Dangling, dangling, dangling to twine

Feathered in outstretched angel wings
Virgins crying out-loud in verse to sing
As lovers, fecklessly sing songs of joy
Forever promising, laying their bait of coy

Now the trade winds chide in the dark
As our ghost lovers frail in wind of heart
Where they lie in nakedness in stark of night
As the winds chime, to the glow of starlight

All rights reserved 07/07/26
Norman Francis

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