Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 12, 2016

Hey doves of peace back~by Hana Shishiny



Hey doves of peace back

Where are you hiding, doves of peace
The countries are drowned in blood..
Beautiful Syria do not sleep..
Its night j ghshwh light.
The scene for may and gram
And the Arabs..
Get together.. Decide and that his jungle cat
And go. Find the bathroom.
Their life playing cards.. Meeting their words
Syria is sinking into the darkness..
Her bereaved mothers
Its women widows. Don’t sleep
Her kids out in the open lost homeless
Where’s the accumulation of Arabs
When is the accumulation of silent
Knew you.. Tearing your home
And you just shut up
The promises of the papers just
Injustice in my country eating
Assassinate the dream and stay
Burning trees and jasmine
Injustice assassinate love in my country.
Assassinate nights lovers
And silence all we got.
In front of mwt and laws

Hey doves of peace back
Heart put him nostalgia..
by Hana Shishiny
July 2016

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