Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 12, 2016

OUR GORY GLORY.~by Philibus K Elisha Elisha




We are hungry and thirsty
Near death
As we wander
And saunter
In our solitary-weary ways.

From the North,South
East and West
We wander
As we saunter
Along our mist-miraging ways..

Where hence come solace
In this gory gleams
Of dire wants and wishes..
Meted out
Amidst humongous much.

We are clawed
And clowned at
In the gripping talons
Of their greed

We are barred
And blighted
In the wallowing insomnia
Of their wiles.

That;at our wit’s end
They fill to brim
And yawn raucous satiation
At our perilous confines
With no remorse.

Singing soulless songs
At saintliness sanctuaries
Of scentless sepulchres
Of satanic schemes…
In sporadic sprees…

Behold !
This willy-nilly spectre
Of wanton wonts
And wistful waste
Awaits the wrath…

Of the people or His !


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