Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 12, 2016

The Rain Must Fall~by Norman Wilson



The Rain Must Fall

I bring the rain in darkest of their days
I bring it down, downward in tidal waves
In clouded coverings rolling about in nimble skies
From tender hearts that once cried from inside

In absent of last snow the tulips grow
As the raindrops fall down stead fast below
Where pools ripple on still of lakes
As hearts break, as hearts break

Flooded values lost in flooded graves
So naive they were before they passed away
For near where lovers rest within the rain
For they are marked under with love just the same

In day or night they rise no more
From weeping raindrops in light or heavy pour
Silent or thus quiet purifying in the storm
For good love, for wanted love, for love to be born

In all of loves sufferings the rain must fall
Even though they are gone and cannot answer loves call
Yet the echoes of their hearts carry on the wind of time
Left for them to wonder about the rain or look toward the weather signs

Shiniest is one light in a besieged star night
In the healing rain, that falls in same in daylight
For loves pain in earthen sand from lands that bind
With grace of bones, they came once to love in faded time

All rights reserved 07/09/16
Norman Francis

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