Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 13, 2016

RAIN~by Rajendra Padhi




A poem is wet with rain in my garden
Passes quickly into my ink
Words clouded with water-laden eyes
kissed the soul in a moment eternal
Flow perfuming my memory in solitude.

I sit like the shadowy flowers
Swaying in the breeze of thoughts
Feelings in profusion drowning in music
of gladness without measure
I put my finger like flashes of lightening
Breathing on the smell of rain
Quick and sharp in a downpour
Find all whom I found and lost.

A shallow I become at ease in flying wings
From leaf to leaf in the evening
Surging up like bubbles and vanishing
It comes from a pale glimpse of little drops
Creating in me a river running down
Look at my heart with bubbles of past.

The soft freshness of murmur of feelings
when linked with pitter-patter
Faces drizzle in withering weather
Quick to come and vanish scattering in the air
Rain whispers in my ears in wakeful hour
I look into past in gentle rhythm of a verse.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K Padhi



  1. Very pretty

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